Alcohol addiction counseling

  • Do you wake up sometimes feeling ashamed of your drinking? You may even find yourself lying to those close to you about how much or often you drink.
  • Have your friends warned or suggested you drink too much?
  • Have you drank to the point of “black out” or do you have difficulty remembering what happened when you drink?

Living with alcohol addiction can feel like a personal hell, separating you from friends and family. In severe cases, your addiction has caused you problems in your career or possibly with the law. Alcholol addiction counseling can be your turning point.

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There are generally fairly clear indicators of alcoholism.  For example, has someone who cares for you showed sincere concern about your drinking habits? Another sign is making up shallow excuses to drink alcohol. Also, losing interest in work, relationships, and socializing in favor of drinking suggests that you need professional help.

Addiction does not happen overnight. Like any other routine, it takes time for it to develop into a habit. If it is healthy, it is a habit. If it harmful and poisonous it is an addiction. The change from habit to addiction can be triggered by a painful or traumatic event.  Such as losing your job or the passing of a loved one. At first, it starts as a temporary relief from the depression and grief you start to feel.  However, it is not a real answer to your problem. It just allows you to run away often into other problems. Alcohol addiction counseling will help you cultivate the strength.

Alcohol addiction can sneak up on even the best of us

Through out life almost everyone will experience a tramatic event that challenges how they go through life. In these time of unhappiness like, the death of a loved one or the end of a long term relationship. Everyone handles stress and loss differently, tramatic events such as those can leave a person feeling stress, anger, or even depression making it.

Don’t let alcohol addiction trick you. It can develop even from positive situations. At first, it may start as drinking to celebrate with friends or co-workers. As time goes on, the regular celebrations lessen and fade away, but you continue the trend of drinking. As more time passes you begin to find excuses or even make up reasons to drink. You may even think “I need a drink after work to wind down,” but this is a daily event.  On good days you “control” yourself, but on bad days drinking compounds any negative emotion causing you to lash out at those around you, commonly your family and friends.

Surprisingly, despite centuries of experience, there remains a great deal of controversy about what alcoholism is exactly.  The good news, is that with the help of a safe environment and a experienced alcohol addition therapist you can return to your being the self you love.

Alcohol addiction counceling can bring hope and help you get yourself back

No matter your position in life, everyone will face challenges that could lead to an additiction. Understanding what alcoholis is and is it is are not necessary for successful treatment. It is not a diease in the medical sense of the term, you do not “catch” alcolhlism like a bad case of the flu. It is the way in which men and women all to often manifest depression. If you do not understand the nature of the problem it is not possible to fix.

In our sessions, we will address your immieadte concerns, fears, and desired outcome from counseling. By working with a experienced and compassionate counselor it is easier to get an honest undersnding of the processes underlying your alcoholism. This is the first step in getting relif from your suffering.

You may think that you are not in control, this one of the most difficult parts of treating alcoholism. It is common in our society to believe that the alcoholic is not responsible for his or her condition. This translates into a tendency to rationalize and avoid the hard decisions necessary for successful working through of the issues involved.  At the end of the day, treatment of alcoholism requires courage and the willingness to make very difficult and painful decisions. Alcohol addition counseling will help to strengthen your character and develop courage and will to overcome your addiction.

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I am quite sure that you have suffered enough. You do not have to struggle with any of these painful feeling states alone anymore.