Depression Therapy for adults

Do you feel a lack of energy that leaves you drained and unable to enjoy your usual day-to-day activities and relationships?
Do you find yourself reacting negatively to those around you and to circumstances that you may have handled in the past with optimism and energy?
Alternatively, you commonly think about death or suicide as the answer to your problems?


Do you wish you could enjoy yourself and have fun?

Depression Therapy

Depression can affect you in many ways most often leaving you in a state of confusion and sometimes in isolation.  It sometimes feels like a spiral downward as you strive to resist the symptoms. Often the psychical ailments are overlooked, some of those symptoms include but are not limited to sleeping disorders, a sudden change in appetite or weight, and consistently fatigued feeling.  Everyone experiences depression differently. Depression treatment can be the first step to overcoming your depression.

Everyone has faced painful losses that have left a mark.

Depression rarely exists in isolation; it may seem that you are rotating through anger, anxiety, and stress one after the other. On a bad day, you might feel that they are all stacked up on top of your heart. It can be overwhelming and seem almost hopeless. These and other symptoms suggest that you may be one of many people who suffer from some level of depression. Although statistics are notoriously difficult to rely on, it seems that depression is the most common issue clinicians deal with daily.

Depression therapy can help you do more than coping with depression

The goal is to get well beyond just living with depression. Helplessness is not inevitable. It is not just the way things are.  Depression therapy is designed to help you overcome the developmental experiences that have left you feeling this way.

I offer a safe place and an effective method to overcome such feelings. That process begins by recognizing that, although common, such feelings have a history and development that is uniquely yours. No one develops a case of depression like we catch the flu. It is not a biologically infectious disease vector. While there are always neurological elements in play in depression, is primarily an emotional response to childhood loss become evoked in adulthood or adolescent. When you experience a loss or disappointment as a teen or as an adult, that loss is in the context of much earlier losses that set the stage for how you will react now.


Different from other therapists, I take a broad-spectrum approach to treatment. While I do not discourage medication, It is clear now from the latest research anti-depression medication works no better than a sugar pill.  What does work is depression counseling from an experienced therapist, it allows you to evaluate and rework childhood developmental losses and their derivatives. This process is not magical; it is the result of decades of training and the therapists’ own personal psychotherapy/psychoanalysis.  No therapist can take a patient deeper than they have been or willing to go.

You may still have questions about Seattle depression therapy

Do I have to take medication for depression therapy?

There is controversy surrounding the cause of depression and its treatment. However, the latest research clearly indicates that anti-depressant medication has no greater effect than a sugar pill. The placebo effect is all that medication can do for depression. Pills are never enough to fix the problem at the heart of these feelings of tremendous sadness and helplessness. Beating depression without medication is possible with depression Therapy.

What if I do not have the time to come to your office?

As technology advances, it allows therapist like me to offer depression therapy sessions online with secure video chat software.  While the best work is done in my office, It Is still possible to create the emotional connection. Trust is the foundation of which future work is built if we cannot connect and trust each other.

It is time for your suffering to stop

Living with depression can be overwhelming and seem almost hopeless. However, with help, you can recognize the patterns that generate these feelings. If you can, with great courage, see deeply into your past and early childhood relationships, resolution of these issues is possible. If you can bring to conscious awareness those long-repressed feelings that drive destructive and disruptive behavior patterns, meaningful change is possible. It is not easy, and it is never quick. The good news is that you do not have to struggle with any of these painful feeling states alone anymore

Educating yourself is a good way to begin a process of healing. One of the best sets of lectures for sorting out your issues is called Psychopathology. In these lectures, I address the basics of mental dysfunction and how each of the several syndromes, including depression, can be understood. From there, it is much easier to work towards solutions that are right for you.

Do your homework and come ready to hit the ground running. You have suffered enough. Of that, I am certain.

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I am quite sure that you have suffered enough. You do not have to struggle with any of these painful feeling states alone anymore.