Distance/Online Consultation/Supervision

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As I said in the Introduction to the Distance/Online Therapy section, new technologies are now allowing patients to have access to quality mental health care that was impossible just a few years ago.

The same holds true for clinicians who need regular consultation/supervision to become licensed and stay current with the ongoing need for professional development.

I am an Approved Supervisor in Washington State and I believe that every therapist needs the help of a more senior clinician to help see the things that resistance and denial make it hard for all of us to see. Development as a clinician requires the deepening of your own process and the courage to do the work ourselves that we expect our patients to do. As an old mentor of mine said almost 20 years ago: You can never take a patient deeper than you have been willing to go yourself. It was true then and it still is.

Call when you are ready to take your clinical practice to the next level.