Grief Counseling

  • Are you feeling intense sadness and pain caused by losing someone close to you?
  • Do you find your thought commonly preoccupied with reminders of an important relationship in the past?
  • Does the idea of your loss cause a mixture of emotions you do not understand?
  • Do you wish you could be your usual happy self?
Grief Counseling

When dealing with severe grief, it can feel like a heavy weight is on you. The wellspring of energy you once had is slowly and steadily declining. The loss of someone close can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving you feeling a mixture of anger, depression, and sorrow.

After the loss of a relationship or sudden death, you may feel a sense of denial as you attempt to cope. You may notice changes in daily activity during this time, like refusing social invitations.  These actions get us through the initial phase of the loss. This aspect of dealing with loss is temporary.  You may also find yourself expressing elevated anger in situations you normally would not.  While trying to cope with the loss, it seems easier to get angry and feel regret than is it to accept what has happened.  As time goes on you may begin to feel like as observer in your life, almost as though you are watching your life as a movie as you attempt to cope with your loss.

Everyone experiences grief differently

Everyone will experience loss at some time in his or her life; it is unavoidable.  No one can escape the feelings of loss or unhappiness.  In these terrible times, it is natural to seek shelter and isolation from the pain after a traumatic loss like divorce or the death of someone close.  During the grieving period, this can affect your personality and cause you to behave differently while sorting out your feelings.  The stress of loss can cause high anxiety, depression and, in some cases, addiction.

Many people experiencing intense grief avoid discussing their thought or emotions concerning the loss.  As time goes on, and you fail to accept what happened, it will manifest in your life in different ways. One way is that it may change how you communicate with those around you, instead of being present in the moment your mind is occupied with thoughts of what could have been. It is as though you are in a dark cave and cannot find your way out.

Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship they are extreme events. However, with the help of a skilled therapist and safe environment, you can return to your energetic self.

Grief Counseling can help you find yourself again.

I have over 15 years of experience providing psychotherapy to Adults, adolescents, and sheepdogs.  It does not matter if a person is experiencing professional loss or a loss in their personal life. Everyone experiences the feelings of grief and loss differently. Whether you are experiencing grief over a recent loss or bereaving over a past loss, Grief counseling will help you overcome your loss and help you learn how to handle the pain of grief.

How you experience grief depends on how you were raised and how previous losses were managed.  Although the processes underlying our reaction to loss follow a predictable pattern, an individual’s response must be understood in the context of his or her life.  It is essential that you find a clinician who will take the time to get to know your history and style.

My approach to grief therapy recognizes that how a person reacts to loss is unique and personal.  Just as your reaction is personal, so is your ability to overcome your pain which is determined by your entire developmental history. In our sessions, the goal is not just to get beyond the immediate pain, but to fundamentally transform how you react to any loss; this is done through careful exploration of your unconscious determinants. Only trying to think of loss differently will never make a meaningful change in your experience. Through this process of bringing conscious awareness to experiences and patterns are at the core of how you react to grief and loss is the first step to growth.

Even if you feel alone in the world and overcome by the grief of loss, in a safe environment and help of an experienced therapist, it is possible to reconnect with yourself and be happy again. You will be able to understand how you react to lose and develop tools to help you heal and overcome future grief and loss.

You may still have questions about Grief Counseling

I am embarrassed to share my issues with anyone else.

It is common to avoid counseling because of an of fear opening-up and or being judged. Being shy and embarrassed is an understandable concern, if you decide to come in for counseling, please proceed at your own pace. The trust relationship we form as a therapist and patient are fundamental to our work together. My office is a safe judgment free environment in which you can be yourself and open-up your heart safely.

I think I need grief counseling, but I just don’t have the time can you work with me?

In our busy society and steadily increasing traffic, traveling in and out of downtown Seattle is not always quick. Because of this, I can offer Telehealth / Online therapy sessions using a secure video conference service. Although the best and most effective work is done in my office, telehealth sessions still allow for deep connections and realizations of change. If arranging a virtual therapy session would work best for you, mention it in our consultation.

What if grief counseling brings up painful memories?

The main objection of this sort of work is that requires not only dredging up the detail of your current loss but also your entire history of loss and grieving. No one wants to do that, especially alone the pain is too big to bear. With the help of a skilled therapist, you will not be alone as you work through the pain. As we explore, you will have me by your side to bear your pain with you, because it is too difficult to go in alone.

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In the end, there is no substitute for just picking up the phone and making the call to set an initial appointment.  I am here, let me lighten your burden; you have carried it long enough.