Law enforcement, Veterans, Firefighters

Law Enforcement Officers

The stresses you experience daily as a law enforcement officer have no counterpart in the civilian world. It seems as if only fellow officers can truly understand and you are rightly aware that revealing the level of your distress might have adverse career consequences. Honestly, its hard to admit them to yourself. Spouses can help a little but you, also rightly, know that there are limits both to what a spouse can understand and what they should have to deal with. Where do you turn?

Stress degrades proficiency; the only cure is strength.

I am a former Military Prosecutor and Army Intelligence Officer (Airborne and Ranger qualified), and civilian criminal defense attorney. And now I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in a unique position to help you. I understand your job and I know what you go through like few other therapists in Washington State. I worked with federal, state, and military LE everyday for 15 years. I remain proficient with a variety of small arms and long guns. My concealed carry permit is up to date. I spent 15 years in full contact martial arts. I appreciate the efficient management of aggression.

Psychotherapy for LEO requires strict confidentiality for obvious reasons. I do not take insurance or any payments from third-party payors. Therefore, there are no written reports, no formal diagnosis, no discoverable records. You are safer in my office than any place you have ever been. That’s where we start.

You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and your fellow officers to get the help you need. All it takes is courage – and a phone call – to get started.


The needs of veterans are unique because the experience of veterans are unique. Working with veterans exemplifies better than any other experience the old saying, “It takes one to know one.”

My DD214 is dated 15 May 1991. I left service as a Captain after 12-plus years having served initially as a Military Intelligence officer in Germany, primarily with the 11th ACR in Fulda. Prior to that I successfully competed both Airborne and Ranger schools. Subsequent to that I received the Army’s Funded Legal Education Program Scholarship and branch transferred the the JAGC where I was assigned as a prosecutor and defense counsel.

I had the great privilege of serving with some of the finest soldiers, NCO’s and officers in all of the uniformed services. I respect and care about those who have served because I understand what they have experienced better than any therapist who has not been there and done that.

I speak your language – come talk to me.


I believe that the above experiences puts me in a unique position to assist firefighters with the stresses of a job few therapists can understand. For all those who serve, discipline, strength, and courage are shared requirements. The need for confidentiality seems parallel as well. A truly strong man or woman has the ability to recognize when help is necessary and the courage to do something about it. Bring the courage your profession demands into the field of your own self-care. Respectful help is available.

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In the end, there is no substitute for just picking up the phone and making the call to set an initial appointment.  I am here to help you make the changes that will make your fantasies into reality.