Sports Psychology: Achieving Mastery


Sports Psychology is the scientific study of the psychological factors that are associated with participation and performance in sport, exercise, and other types of physical activity. Sport psychology consultants are interested in two main areas: (a) helping athletes use psychological principles to achieve optimal mental health and to improve performance and (b) understanding how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity affects an individual’s psychological development, health, and well-being throughout the lifespan.

Sports Psychology

I combine the traditional principles of sport psychology with psychoanalytic psychology, evolutionary psychology, attachment theory, and existential phenomenology. Only a true depth psychology informed by these other areas can get at the real factors limiting athletic performance and provide the basis for optimal experience. Without exploration of unconscious processes, their biological precursors, and the behavioral and emotional patterns that have been with you since childhood, you will never achieve your natural potential.

In my work with athletes we address the follow issues:

  • The Inherent Unity of Mind and Body
  • Deep Motivation
  • Achieving Peak Performance and Maximum Endurance
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Training and Competition Focus
  • Coping with Loss/Injury
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Competitive Confidence
  • Maximizing the Zone/Flow
  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse

The traditional approaches to sport psychology have been dominated by a cognitive behaviorist approach that by its very nature remained on the surface. Thinking about victory, visualization, modification of schemas, and other cognitive techniques do have a legitimate place. However, if used in isolation cognitive approaches simply miss the more authentic core of human experience and existence. A deep synthesis of the above approaches provides a more powerful and more effective way to think about the role and meaning of physical achievement.

I have put these principles into practice in my own life in a dozen different sports at state, national, and international levels.

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