Couples Counseling

In addition to individual, depth-oriented psychotherapy, I also offer more traditional couples’ counseling on some specific issues that may apply to you. Feel free to ask about couples and family oriented therapy if you believe it might be helpful.

  • Sexuality
  • Premarital counseling
  • Couples conflict and communication
  • Divorce, children of divorce, and blended families
  • Child and adolescent development

In the Lecture Archive there is a two-part lecture on adult love relationships called “Fusion and Merger.” The lectures on Freud, Child Development, and Sexuality are necessary prerequisites to this series. I believe that the material discussed in the “Fusion and Merger” lecture is absolutely essential for any couple seeking to improve their relationship, strengthen and deepen real love, and improve their sexuality. Without a firm grounding in this material any attempt to understand the issues around the couples’ parenting and the childrens’ developmental trajectory are unlikely to succeed.

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In the end, there is no substitute for just picking up the phone and making the call to set an initial appointment.  I am here to help you make the changes that will make your fantasies into reality.