The Gifted


There is no equality in our suffering. Some suffer more than others.

The great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that superior types suffer more than the common man. I think he was right. The exquisite suffering of complex minds, the astonishing variety of agonies, the variations on the theme of pain that are experienced by superior types are all but impossible for average people to wrap their less subtle minds around. That this may sound elitist and anti-democratic does not make it any less true.

The proof of this is manifest when we look at gifted children. Their giftedness makes them isolated and lonely and there is no pain greater than feelings of unrelieved abandonment. They need to be understood but their gifts often isolate them and so they suffer. Then they grow up and their suffering seems like it is just the way things are. The truth is that it is just the way they were trained. Turn your giftedness towards relieving your pain instead of just repeating it.

The gifted have so much to offer if they can be reached and understood.

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